Grading Syllabus
Dan and Kyu grade syllabus

1st Dan – Black

Timescale: 1 year consistent practice as 1st Kyu.

Technique Koryu-Dai-San, Section B and C 16 (8+8)
Koryu-Dai-Yon complete 1–25 (14+11), note 1 & 2
Application Randori Tanto and Toshu (empty-handed)
Combinations and Counters 5 of each, candidates' choice

2nd Dan – Black

Timescale: 2 years consistent practice as 1st Dan.

Technique Koryu-Dai-San, Section D, E and F 18 (5+5+8)
Koryu-Dai-Ichi, Section A 1–5
Application Randori as required Tanto and Toshu

3rd Dan – Black

Timescale: 3 years consistent practice as 2nd Dan.

Technique Koryu-Dai-San complete 1–50 (8+8+8+5+5+8+8)
Koryu-Dai-Ichi complete 1–24 (5+7+6+6)
Application Randori as required Tanto and Toshu

4th Dan – Black

Timescale: 4 years consistent practice as 3rd Dan.

Technique Koryu-Dai-Ni complete 16 (11+5)
Goshin-ho-no-Kata 1–19
Application Randori as required Tanto and Toshu

5th Dan – Black

Timescale: 5 years consistent practice as 4th Dan.

Technique Koryu-Dai-Go complete 23 (7+5+6+5)
Goshin-ho-no-Kata 20–37
Application Randori as required Tanto and Toshu

6th Dan – Black

Timescale: 6 years consistent practice as 5th Dan.

Technique Koryu-Dai-Roku 39 (5+10+7+5+4+4+4) Note 3
Goshin-ho-no-Kata +15
Application Randori as required Tanto and Toshu


  1. Candidates: Koryu-no-Kata – sections to be demonstrated will be chosen by the examiner.
  2. Examiner: Koryu-no-Kata – new sections at each level must be demonstrated, demonstration of previous sections is optional.
  3. Candidates: Upon attaining 6 Dan, students will have successfully performed all the current Koryu-no-Kata; Koryu-dai-Ichi, Koryu-dai-Ni, Koryu-dai-San, Koryu-dai-Yon, Koryu-dai-Go, Koryu-dai-Roku.
  4. At any time examiners may ask to review previous parts of the syllabus.
  5. Character and attitude will be considered at each level. These include participation as a student in competitions and/or courses.
  6. ‘Technique’ and ‘Application’ sections are of equal value in the assessment.
  7. Age and physical ability will be taken into account throughout.