There are 6 traditional kata's in the Tomiki system of Aikido.

Many of the techniques are similar to some which are be found in the Koryu-dai- Ichi, Koryu-dai-Ni and Koryu-dai-Yon.

However, successful demonstration of the Koryu-dai-Go will highlight small technical differences. Changes in the sequence gives the candidate the opportunity to show greater knowledge and understanding in being able to mix technical competence and speed.

By this stage, candidates should be well versed in most of the techniques and so will be able to demonstrate them at greater speed and more powerfully.

Koryu Dai Go

Suwari-waza (Section A - Kneeling Techniques, tori kneeling with uke standing)

1. Oshi-taoshi
2. Tentai-oshi-taoshi
3. Tebubi-osae
4. Tentai-oshi-otoshi
5. Kokyu-nage
6. Kote-gaeshi
7. Sukui-nage

Tachi-waza (Section B - Standing Techniques)

1. Tenchi-nage
2. Ryote-mochi-sukui-nage
3. Ryote-mochi-sukashi-nage
4. Ryote-mochi-shiho-nage
5. Gyaku-kote-gaeshi

Tachi-waza (Section C - Standing Techniques)

1. Hidari-gamae-men-uchi-irimi
2. Migi-gamae-men-uchi-irimi
3. Migi-gyaku-gamae-ate
4. Hidari-gyaku-gamae-ate
5. Uchi-kaiten-nage
6. Sukui-nage

Tachi-waza (Section D - Standing Techniques)

1. Yokomen-uchi-uki-otoshi
2. Yokomen-uchi-kokyu-nage
3. Yokomen-uchi-shomen-ate
4. Yokomen-uchi-sukashi-nage
5. Yokomen-uchi-hiki-otoshi