Masters of Aikido
Here is a interesting image of Kenji Tomiki & Morihei Ueshiba in Manchuria

Establishing a teaching presence in Manchuria


Posing in front of Shimbuden Budo Hall of Kenkoku University Seated center: Kenji Tomiki and Morihei Ueshiba; standingsecond from left, Hideo Oba; second from right: Shigenobu Okumura

The Japanese had in the 1920s and 30s developed a massive presence in Manchuria and gained complete political control by 1932 when the Manchukuo nation was established. We saw that Yoichiro Inoue made a visit to Manchuria in 1933 and then Kenji Tomiki relocated to Shinkyo (present-day Changchung) in 1936 where he first taught at the Daido Gakuin, and members of the Kanto Army and the Imperial Household Agency. With the opening of Kenkoku University in 1938, Tomiki joined the teaching staff and offered courses in judo and aikido.
Tomiki invited Morihei to instruct at the university in 1939. During this stay, Morihei met the famous sumo wrestler Tenryu—by then retired—who attempted to test the old man’s strength. Tenryu was highly impressed with Morihei’s mastery and received permission to take a leave to return to Tokyo to study for three months at the Kobukan Dojo. The meeting with Tenryu was yet another episode where Morihei displayed his uncanny martial skills. In this case, his partner was a famous figure in the sumo world known for his physical strength. This was the beginning of a life-long friendship between the founder and Tenryu and the latter was very supportive of the Aikikai and the Yoshinkai organization of Gozo Shioda after World War II.