Question: How much will Aikido classes cost?


Aikido classes / mat fees are £8 per session for Adult members.

Adult Student members £5.00 and £3 per session for Junior members.

Monthly fees are £50 for adult, Fulltime Students £30 & Juniors £18.

Question: How long will I have to train to get black belt?


This really depends on how often you train and how quickly you can learn the technical syllabus. Gradings are held every 6 months within the London Aikido Dojo and if you were to pass every grading it could take as little as 3 years.

Question: Do I need to be physically fit to do Aikido?


No, Aikido can be practised at any level of fitness. Students work at their own pace and what's important is that they enjoy the activity.

Question: Do I need insurance?


Yes you will need insurance. All members are required to join the Aikido Development Society for membership & insurance.

The annual fee is £25 for the first year and renewals are £20 per year there after.